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Term dates


Autumn Term 2020

Staff training days 3 & 4 September
Autumn term starts 7 September - Years 7 and 11
Autumn term starts 8 September - Years 7, 8 and 11
Autumn term starts 9 September - All Year Groups
Staff training day 2 October
Half-term 26-30 October
Staff training day 27 November
Autumn term ends 18 December


Spring Term 2021

Spring term starts 4 January
Half Term 15-19 February 
Spring term ends 26 March


Summer Term 2021

Summer term starts  12 April
May Day 3 May
Half-term 31 May-4 June
Staff training day  21 June
Summer term ends  22 July


Autumn Term 2021

Staff training days 1 & 2 September
Autumn term starts 3 September - Years 7 and 11 only
Autumn term starts 6 September - All Year Groups
Staff training day 8 October 
Half-term 25-29 October
Disaggregated training day 26 November
Autumn term ends 17 December


Spring Term 2022

Spring term starts 4 January
Half Term 14-18 February 
Spring term ends 1 April


Summer Term 2022

Summer term starts  19 April
May Day 2 May
Half-term 30 May-3 June
Staff training day 24 June
School closure day 27 June
Summer term ends  22 July

Attendance matters

Every day missed from school is a lost opportunity. Requests for holidays during term time will be refused unless there are exceptional circumstances. If a child is taken out of school for a two-week holiday every year from the age of 5, and has the average number of days off for sickness and medical appointments, by the time they leave at 16 they will have missed a year of school.

The link between attendance and learning (PDF)

Tutors will monitor attendance closely and parents of any child whose attendance is seen to be of concern will be contacted by the college.

100% attendance is a challenging target, but a number of students achieve this each year. As part of our praise and reward system, the names of students who achieve 100% attendance are entered into a termly raffle.

‚ÄčThe attached Absence Request Form is to be used by parents wishing to request permission to take a child out of school in exceptional circumstances.

Attendance Letter March 2018

Reporting an absence

If your child is unable to come into school due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, please telephone 01223 891233 extension 305 or email before 8.30am.

Principal: Helena Marsh MEd.
Linton Village College, Linton, Cambridgeshire CB21 4JB

Year 6 Open Evening

Open Evening is on Thursday 7th October from 4.30-8.30pm

A booking is required to attend this evening. More information on how to book a tour will be shared next week.



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