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The House Structure

All students at Linton belong to a tutor group within a House.  The Houses are named after inspirational figures who have shown enterprise in their chosen field, and were selected by students at the college.

The Head of House works with form tutors, a lead tutor and the student support team to look after the pastoral side of your child's experience at the college. This means that we are able to identify any issues or successes quickly and communicate these to parents.

Each house is represented by a House Council which meets regularly with staff, with students elected from each tutor group within the House.

Houses give students a sense of belonging to a team beyond their own year group. There are a variety of events throughout the year that give students an opportunity to represent their House, such as sports competitions, charity fundraising and the Friends of LVC Sponsored Walk.


Head of House: Miss Carey Mayzes
Lead Tutor: Mrs Danielle Darvill
Student support officer: Mr Duncan Keys
Tutor Group contacts

Head of House: Mr David Clarke
Lead Tutor: Mr Jerry Hyde
Student support officer: Mrs Rachel Burton
Tutor Group contacts

Head of House: Mr Peter Smyth
Lead Tutor: Mr Russell Milne
Student support officer: Mr Duncan Keys
Tutor Group contacts
Head of House: Mr Ian Simmons
Lead Tutor: Mrs Jennifer Pullin
Student support officer: Mrs Karen Jebb
Tutor Group contacts
Head of House: Mr Christopher Charlesworth
Lead Tutor: Mr Dan Carter
Student support officer: Mrs Nichola Addley
Tutor Group contacts



Principal: Caroline Derbyshire M.A.
Linton Village College, Linton, Cambridgeshire CB21 4JB

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